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Our offices are situated on Plot 457, Achilles Road, Zwavelpoortis, Pretoria is a dually registered South African company who’s business is in trading Moringa oleveira and related Moringa products. We equip and empower rural communities in a complete and holistic farming initiative by producing, packaging, distribution and the sale of Moringa Oleifera products to the general public through a comprehensive direct sales and marketing network throughout Southern Africa.

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Over the past number of years there has been a massive positive mind shift about our life giving earth. Previously it was all about advancement and development and no thought ever given about the damaging effects thereof nor the consequences or the price we have to pay.

I have the greatest respect for all the influential, rich and famous people that are outspoken against starving nations taking a stance on global warming, carbon dumping into the atmosphere and the carnage of deforestation of our planet. Shouldn’t we also be so brave and do the same. Why can’t you speak your mind when you see when in your community that on a massive scale wrongful deeds are being done and we turn a blind eye, so as not to get involved? I have a surprise for those people, Mother Nature has made you involved from the very first breath of air that you took. YOU ARE INVOLVED in this creation. We as inhabitants and custodians of this planet have a duty to look after this planet we call home and we have been given it for a little while to look after it.

Every person walking this Earth needs to be fed and to produce edible food there is a carbon foot print. For every person walking this earth 28 trees must sustain your carbon footprint depending on your life style. What about our massive manufacturing and high pollution industries polluting the air, who is taking responsibility for that.

The global deforestation for other uses instead of profitable farming ground that’s taking place is far greater than that which the normal individual could ever grasp nor imagine, neither the effects nor the price mankind is paying for that. The monster fuelling that well oiled machine is the greed of man to take and not put anything back. It is our duty of this living generation to educate the next generation on a daily basis to care for our fragile environment. Our children will be the custodians of this precious planet after we pass on and if they are not taught the ways of nature imagine the catastrophic effects thereof.

We are all to blame for this carnage playing off today however we can turn this massacre around by the education of the youth and start replanting and replacing that which we have cut down.

It has become our mission to be a dedicated prophets and implementers of reforestation of a healthy, nutritional edible plant source with the highest Oxygen release known as MORINGA Oleifera. Starting with our immediate surroundings and gradually influencing every person we make contact with to plant trees in the possible 46 sensitive regions of our country to do the same. We do not plant a tree today and want to sit in its shade tomorrow. We also need to educate all people to plant indigenous tree as well as consumable crops for our children to enjoy and the generations that will follow.

There is a guess by all concerned parties and institutions that there is trillions of trees shortfall in our ecology to sustain our present day carbon footprint. As you may be aware, according to the KYOTO Protocol, our Government was forced to purchase Carbon Credits at a very high premium in South America to offset our carbon emissions and be accepted in the global greening forum.

By looking on the global net you will find that all production industries as well as Government Departments with all their local Municipalities have become very aware of mal-nutrition on the one side and the harmful Carbon Footprint effect on the other. The Motor Industry to the Textile, Sugar Mills, Paper Mills, Mines, Airlines and Fuel Production Industry to Escom and more, have realised that they will have to drastically reform their mindset and take a very active part in the reduction of carbon emissions and tackle projects by the likes of reforestation to offset their carbon footprint.

As you can realise the Moringa project is not a quick fix to our economy or ecological problem but a very long process of dedication by thousands of people that will have to be involved from the Limpopo down to the Cape Flats. We envisage having about 1000 farmers employing up to 6000 people across the country and it is possible to feed thousands of people every day through combined affords.

Nature’s Best Moringa’s Mission

To become the biggest de-centralised community based Moringa grower through rural development programmes and supplier of dried Moringa produce to the broad spectrum of consumers for consumption and supplier of healthy animal fodder. To become the biggest supplier of Moringa product to the medical fraternity to assist needy patients with conditions that have been identified and published through clinical and medical research studies.

Nature’s Best Moringa’s Vision

To make Moringa products available at the best price to every person as to eliminate hunger and malnutrition in poverty stricken communities that are in desperate need of a complete all-in-one, 100% NATURAL that contains all the necessary vitamins and amino acids to function optimally.


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